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The C-84B
High-Speed Amphibious Interdiction Aircraft
C-84B Fact Sheet

Top Speed:  Mach 1.000
Durration:  bout 1 hour with all three engines in wet thrust, about 4 hours with one engine in wet thrust, others idle


I wanted a super-sonic amphibious rescue and interdiction craft.  Its only fair to say it is a SONIC amphibious rescue and interdiction craft.  Because that is all it is.  Somewhere there is too much drag... I'm guessing on the gull wings and struts to the stability pontoons.  It gets to mach 1 and sticks there.  Bummer.

1.  Aircraft must be supersonic:  Like I said, its SONIC.  I didn't feel like redoing the project as the resulting aircraft that came from this handled very nicely.
2.  Aircraft must be amphibious:  CHECK
3.  Aircraft must have substantial range and be able to function after massive engine failure:  Like any good over-sea aircraft, its allways a good idea to make the damn thing redundant.  It started off as a two engine beast, I was disatisfied, and strapped on a third engine.  I like the idea that the aircraft can function with only one of those three engine perfectly well.  All three are nice though.
4.  Carrier Capability?:  It cats fine... landing is difficult but possible.  I think its not too much to ask.
5.  Modern Avionics:  The C-84 is equiped with a HUD and has a glass cockpit.  The HUD is nice for "socked-in" conditions and night flying.
6.  All weather:  A decent rescue craft should be able to function in conditions that aren't as pretty as the probably should be.  This sleak flying boat slices through turbulance and waves like a knife.

     The large delta wing area and swept surfaces make high-speed
manuevering easy and quick.  The C-84 is agile for a fairly heavy

Much like the C-01, I wanted a vehicle that could not only spot smuggling ships and speedboats, but have the capability of taking them down itself.  Unlike the C-01, which I designed to be able to loiter around an area for a long time and be able to land on water and make arrests, the C-84 was made around the premise that it could be dispatched quickly, sprint to a location, land, arrest/ infiltrate/ rescue at the destination, and get back quickly.  Its speed might make it a good aircraft for military maritime operations, such as sea rescue in a hot spot or even anti-submarine warfare.  The carrier capability also buffs this idea.


The C-84B rose out of the (gasp) C-84.  The C-84 differed only in the fact that it had two engines and only one vertical stabalizer.  The third engine was added to increase range, as now the two outer engines can run at idle while the middle one burns away.  This is a great way to get somewhere, still pretty quickly.  The max speed with only the middle engine is 500kts.  Pretty powerful engine, I say.

DOWNLOAD C-84B WaterGull (Version 5.62 tested)