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The F-30C is a direct upgrade of the F-30A Arana dedicated Aggressor aircraft. Most noticeable external changes include the elongated nose, fitting the new AGP-77 Radar, and the new variable-geometry inlets. Also, the F-30C features the RJ-84-1100 turbofan, with 2d vector thrusting for pitch. The engine offers 1000 pounds of thrust over even the newer RJ-84-1200 engine, currently in use by the RA-10-10. The Extreme Variable-Camber wing was done away with to make production easier, and the vector-thrusting system augments the loss of agility almost fully, and is far simpler. The landing gear have been moved forward, just rear ward of the CG, and this has lowered take-off speed considerably.

Performance Modifications

Take-off run has been greatly reduced, and the top-speed has been pushed a bit because of the variable geometry inlets. Although heavier then the simpler inlets of the F-30A, the new development of the RJ-84 needed quite a bit more air, and it was necessary for high-speed flight to keep the air moving properly. The technology is directly built around research done for the advanced inlet design of the Mach 3 RA-10-10. The cockpit design of the F-30A has been retained, as with most of the avionics, except for the largely-uprated AGP-77, the same radar being used in the F-22A.

Short take-off is achieved easily with the vector thrusting RJ-84-1100, as is low-speed performance. 9-G performance is retained. 4,000lbs were added, mainly in the radar, inlets, and titanium plating around the cockpit. A single M61A1 Cannon is mounted to the right of the cockpit, and is fed from a 600 round drum. To prevent ingestion of exhaust gas into the engine, the right inlet automatically bypasses the engine when the cannon is fired, all air being gathered from the left inlet. Although this seems quite dangerous, the large inlets are plenty big to handle the RJ-84 alone at subsonic speeds. If the gun is operated at super-sonic speeds, the inlet does not close, but the gun is only allowed to fire in short, 1 second bursts. The boundary layer air at that point pushes most of the exhaust clear of the inlet.


The F-30C pictured above is part of the RyanAircraft Aggressor squadron, which will be used to fly against future RA designs. The aircraft easily simulated aircraft such as the MiG-29 Fulcrum and SU-27 Flanker. Besides from Advanced Aggressor simulation, the F-30C has a future as an export light fighter. Compared to the highly-advanced RA-10-10, the F-30C probably does not have much hope with US services, except maybe with ANG units. Despite this, its performance is greater than the F-16C in many if not all aspects, and is just a bit more expensive than the current export Falcon. Export sales should prove to be encouraging, this aircraft is geared at more wealthy countries than the minute A-50 Scrub Jay.

The Arana has been weapon tested with most attack munitions and may yield itself to be as multi-role as the F-16C. The Vector Thrusting allows high-agility even with heavy loads, and increases maximum take-off weight a considerable amount. Range is upwards of 2,500miles, and the aircraft is still capable of Supercruise.

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