LAFR Competition Rules And Guidelines

Thank you for expressing interest in the LAFR Competition. The LAFR Competition is essentially a simulation of what Boeing and Lockheed are going through right now, just without the money issue and with a lot more participants. Similar to the JSF program, the LAFR is a Light Attack Fighter Reconnaissance aircraft that will fill a requirement for a small, agile aircraft that can carry out light strike and interception tasks. The aircraft will have to be able to operate from a forward base, and be able to handle light tasks from destroying a tricky enemy gun emplacement to shooting down enemy attack jets, helicopters and older fighter aircraft. Here are the official rules and guidelines:
    LAFR Official Rules and Guidelines
  1. Under 50,000 pounds max TO
  2. Under 50 feet in length
  3. Be able to perform VTOL or STOVL if heavily loaded
  4. Be able to carry at least 5,000 pounds of stores
  5. Agile at low altitudes
  6. Easy to land, even for a squaddie
  7. Carrier Capable
  8. At least 500nm cruise at sea level, half tank of fuel
  9. At least 1000nm cruise at 20,000 feet
  10. Can be either subsonic or supersonic
  11. If using afterburners, must be able to take off without them, no melted pavement / grass fires
  12. Max amount of thrust per engine: 25,000lbs
  13. Aircraft proposals should have textures
  14. Custom panel is optional, but recommended

All proposals are due by May 24th, 2001. If you need an extension on time, please contact me, I am a student... I hate due dates. This is an optimistic value. Also, there may be more then one "winner," let me explain. Like the YF-17 (F/A-18) and YF-16 competition, the Navy found one competitor more fitting then the other, as did the Air Force. Here are the categories (roles) that are available for the LAFR: