LAFR Concept 5 Spy Photos

Something compelled me to keep this puppy a secret, I have however made a few spy-shot teasers for the forum, so I thought I would put them here.

Tried to make this one look like an infrared satellite fly-over, and I think I succeeded. I also didn't have textures on it yet, so this seemed like a good idea to grain it out.

Most clear shot I released of the Concept 5... you can make out a rough shape and can tell it takes a bit of inspiration from the B-2A Spirit. Its decieving in this picture, but the aircraft is still only 40 or so feet long...

The Concept 5 flies low over the water, as if caught by some fisherman with a 35mm camera with low speed film in it. This shot gives very little idea of the design, but looks good and realistic.

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