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Welcome to Ryan Aircraft, home of a multitude of custom aircraft designed by me, Steven Ryan. The aircraft here are all fictional creations, designed within my demented mind out of drawings and ideas I made most likely during class. The more recent aircraft (the Rapiers, the LAFR and the FR-02) are quite well done, with nice textures and flight models that have been refined infinitely many times. The earlier works are just that, earlier works, but are interesting never the less. Enjoy my aircraft, and if you have anything to say about them, please feel at ease to e-mail me and tell me... I love hearing from people who have downloaded my craft.

VARIOUS RyanAircraft Information and Media
F-48A Owl Flash Information Page LAFR Competition Info
"Spy" Photos of LAFR Entry VTOL Base Concepts
About me page! LAFR Competition Entries!

RyanAircraft Original Designs

The Excal Conceptual Fighter The C-84B Watergull
The C-01 Ground Effect The Rapier Common Airframe
The FR-02 Ninja LAFR Concept 1 VTOL
LAFR Concept 2 VTOL "Erin" Crossbow Turboprop
F-48A LAFR Concept 2 Final F-30 Arana Project
A-50 Scrub Jay RA-10-10 Perigrine
F-30C Arana Light Fighter

Please E-mail me at SJRyan84@yahoo.com


RA-10-10 Perigrine Released!

One of the finest aircraft to come out of the RyanAircraft Design Bureu has been released today. Grab it here, and be sure to read some of the information I wrote up on it, its pretty interesting! Have fun, this aircraft is really very very awesome!
6/25/01 7:07:45 PM Steven Ryan

A-50 Scrub Jay Released

The A-50, a craft I've been brewing (grew out of the Erin II sports aircraft, I'll release that soon as soon as I make a decent panel) has been released! To the registry as well... good aircraft, really good aircraft, I'm very pleased. For more information check out its page. I have on my harddrive, not quite ready to upload, three aircraft: The RA-10-10 Perigrine, the RA-12 Sub Hunter, and the Erin II sports aircraft. Look for one of those within the next few days.
6/24/01 12:15:21 PM Steven Ryan

F-48A Owl Photogallery Added

I spent most of last evening uploading a photogallery on the F-48A. If you want to get a feel for what the aircraft is all about, then this is deffinetly a good place to start.
Go Directly To The Photogallery

5/23/01 5:12:10 PM Steven Ryan

F-48A Flash Page Uploaded!

Inspired by Legoplane's flash (AKA Todd) I made my own flash "propaganda," using the Swish program to create an almost hyper-text version of the prexhisting site on the F-48A. This is just flashier, little bit more graphical, and more in depth. Check it out! It's pretty nifty.
5/22/01 6:07:50 PM Steven Ryan

LAFR Comp date pushed back!

The due date for LAFR Entries is now May 30th, this proved to be a bit more realistic. Also, I have a great flash thing I'm going to upload... actually, I have been attempting to upload... for the last hour or so. Damn FTP. Damn 50megs. Damn it all to hell.
5/21/01 9:24:14 PM Steven Ryan

News on LAFR 6

It kind of sucks. I'm having a lot of stability issues, as the small fuselage and large wing area is screwing everything up. I will most likely not be entering into the LAFR Competition, and as of now my unvailed aircraft and the Owl (F-48A) are the only two entries from Ryan Aircraft. LAFR 1 will not be, as it is a good, reliable design, but it is unrealistic in weight and fuel, and as soon as I beaf up those two things it will handle like a barge. Trust me.
5/20/01 9:10:27 PM Steven Ryan

LAFR Concept 5 Spy Photos Released!

I've already posted all of these in the forum, but just in case you may have missed them, check em out! They look pretty good.
5/15/01 8:51:23 PM Steven Ryan

Erin Turboprop finally released!

Erin herself was the one to mention, "hey, my plane isn't up there yet!" I've been meaning to finish it off for the last couple weeks, all it really needed was a tweaked landing gear and a new panel, and voila! So here it is, in all its high-speed, STOL glory. Its a really awesome plane, and my only propeller aircraft to date!
5/15/01 8:32:46 PM Steven Ryan

For up to the date information of the LAFR Comp:

Go to this link, which will take you directly to the X-Plane.org message board forum regarding the LAFR competition. Its one of the biggest to date, 3 pages, around 60 posts. Numerous screenshots. Definetly worth your time. LAFR Thread at X-Plane.org
5/14/01 9:53:35 PM Steven Ryan

F-48a page posted!

The final version of the LAFR Concept 2, the F-48A, has an informational page available above. I will soon post the download, but I'm not completely sure I'm done tweaking it. A lot of good information about the aircraft is there, and some awesome screens. Check it out!
5/12/01 10:03:06 PM Steven Ryan

We have a competition!

I currently have competitors in the LAFR competition! If you are intersted in joining up, click on the above link for rules and regulations, and be sure to e-mail me to let me know. Thanks!
5/7/01 5:06:04 PM Steven Ryan

Preliminary Work Started On The LAFR III

Not so promising. The LAFR III is to be the first supersonic LAFR Competitor, and so far that has been its only benefit. The high-speed design is fast, yes, but its manueverability sucks and I'm having trouble with the FBW system. I might scratch the current design and go on to another one of similiar layout: two engines with rotating nozzles with afterburners (only to be used in level flight... don't want any melted pavement). Its a large delta with dual stabs, one on each wingtip. The stabs may be making it TOO stable, might have to fiddle with them. I will probably release A version of the LAFR III within the next few days. Still looking for participants in the LAFR comp!
5/6/01 10:56:45 AM Steven Ryan

Do YOU want to participate in the LAFR Competition?

I am looking for people that are willing to either donate their time FLYING LAFR concepts and deciding the superior or CREATING competitors. I would love to get some outside designs going, I'm going to make two more... but it would cool if this became a community wide thing. A virtual aircraft fly-off... its got a LOT of potential! Just e-mail me at SJRyan84@hotmail.com, and I'll get back to you with a list of rules and regulations regarding aircraft design and construction.
5/5/01 11:54:19 PM Steven Ryan

LAFR II Released

The LAFR, the second Competitor for official LAFR title under RyanA er="0">

LAFR II In the makings

The LAFR Concept 2, one of the competitors for the LAFR competion in which the Concept One is a part of, is almost complete. I have all the textures done, the panel looks great, just going to keep flying it and tweaking it until I am totally satisfied. It will be released probably tomorrow with the Erin turboprop, a four-engined counter-rotating airplane that a beta can be found in the test pilots section of the X-Plane.org message boards. Its fast, around 500knots, and is a lot of fun to fly. All going to be released soon. So keep checking up!
5/2/01 6:29:02 PM Steven Ryan

LAFR Released!

I have released a new aircraft, the LAFR Concept One. Its nice and pretty and flies like a dream. Go to the download zone, and check it out. I would greatly suggest reading all the stuff I put on the download page. Also, if you have a Download accelerator of some sort (DAP, Go!Zilla) bypass it by holding alt and clicking the download link... 50 megs doesn't like Download accelerators for some odd reason. Enjoy!
4/30/01 7:22:36 PM Steven Ryan

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